31 Days of Halloween: The End of Summer

Media has exploited the celebrations of Samhain and taken us far away from its roots. There is no Lord of the Dead nor any deity ruling over Halloween. Samhain (pronounced sow-in) translates to End of Summer. Not quite as exciting huh? It is quite shocking how many major motion pictures and television shows have completely butchered both the pronunciation and meaning. Supernatural and Halloween – we are looking at you specifically.

The End of Summer

Hallowe’en begins with the ringing of the bells

Grand Celebrations for our long since dead

The ringing bells

Expel those whom seek to harm

Candles light the windows

Warding off witches

Divinations come to life

Socks burning till midnight

Reflecting dancing flames

Keeping evil influences at bay

The streets are filled

Row on row

They walk with torches of straw

Lighting the way

For those lost souls in purgatory

Those who linger between heaven and hell

The veil, so thin

Connects us to the next world

You can feel a breath

A gentle caress

From a love long since dead

We Rejoice today, it is Hallowe’en

The candles are lit

The hearthstones are swept

The candles glow red

We welcome and rejoice

In the return of

Our beloved dead

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