Spooky Season Stylings: Retro Postcard Inspired Jewelry

We wish we could travel back to yesteryear at the peak of Halloween postcards exchanges.

“The concept originated in the 1890s United States, experiencing a peak of popularity there in the early 1900s. Until the advent of the common home telephone, Halloween cards occupied a role similar to Christmas cards and birthday cards.”

Some of the most popular artwork contained divinations to partake in on Samhain/Halloween. Many divinations centered around relationships and prosperity

We encourage you to visit your local library, and do a deep dive into the history of the holiday. Learn the roots and traditions of kooky and fantastical rites of passage.

We can’t get enough of the quirky divinations of early Halloween. Gone are the days of trusting your love life to a kale stalk.

As a modern spin on a classic idea – we had to make jewelry featuring these gorgeous pieces of Halloween history.

Be sure to visit our Etsy and keep an eye out for new Halloween updates



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